Friday, April 29, 2011

Republicans Not Quite Ready For The 2012 Rumble : NPR

Republicans Not Quite Ready For The 2012 Rumble : NPR

The 2012 campaign season is shaping up, and Obama is fresh off six fundraisers over a two-day visit to the West Coast. Republicans, on the other hand, are having trouble finding a front-runner of their own.


Sonia Vivar (svivar9087) wrote:
Our country's demands for whomever sits in the white house, is at an all time high. No one in the republican party wants the position, why should they, it much easier to criticize and speculate.

George Michie (GMichie) wrote:
I'm less concerned about the volume of money spent on political ads than I am about the poor quality of them. If we spent billions leading up to the presidential election on reasoned, informed, political discourse fact checked before airing we'd be better for it. Advertising aside, with talk radio, cable TV, and the internet, a person can go through the entire cycle without ever encountering a fact, or hearing an opposing perspective. Political hysteria will continue until we start listening to each other again.

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