Friday, April 29, 2011

Illegal immigration in Georgia: American-born demonstrators wash immigrants' feet -

Activist Anton Flores-Maisonet told the demonstrators — about 450 Latino immigrants, their children and their supporters — that most Georgians really didn't support the Arizona-style immigration bill the Legislature approved last week.

He was most likely wrong: In a poll taken in July, 68% supported such a bill. But no matter. Flores-Maisonet argued that the people on the other side of this debate were likely afraid. And that this group could combat that fear by demonstrating "a perfect love."

once again the illegals are suing the schools because of overcrowding, claiming dependants in mexico on taxes, why are they so trashy..we have to have illegals from Germany, Asia, Poland, China...why are don't they have a problem with learning the language, gang issues, I really only see demand for the it because the mex refuse to educate their children, want a better life, they come here illegally and can't grasp the comcept of education, family, birth control, ect...look at the mex communities and then vist a German, Asian, Polish, Italian community and the see the difference

Why did Father Molina need to advise his flock NOT to step on lawns and not litter ?
I might be thinking outside the box here ... I'f I'm trying to persuade others in regards to my plight wouldn't I go out of my way to show basic respect to others by keeping my kid's off others lawns,Understanding that just because Oranges are hanging over the fence doesn't mean you can take them... " They aren't mine and I need to ask before I assume, putting my trash in the proper place ... Sorry that would make me Tio Thomas and would mean I was brown nosing the gringos and assimilating .
Father Jaime I read " The Pearl " maybe you should start a book club and have your flock read it .

Mike G
Hey honey, there's a ten peso tip in it for ya if ya throw in a lil foot massage...oh but I'm a citizen..dangit..illegals keep getting preferential treatment.

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