Thursday, April 28, 2011

Georgia GOP State Senator Bill Cowsert Taunts:

Georgia GOP State Senator Bill Cowsert Taunts:

MONROE — Georgia businesses aren’t likely to see the same kind of boycotts that hit Arizona in the wake of a crackdown on illegal immigration, a state senator told local business leaders.

The Georgia legislature has passed a bill similar to one in Arizona that allows local law enforcement officials to detain someone who is in the country illegally. Gov. Nathan Deal has said he will sign it.

“I got asked that question by a radio commentator the other day, and I don’t see it,” state Sen. Bill Cowsert told members of the Walton County Chamber of Commerce.

“Who’s going to boycott us, illegal aliens? Are they going to turn themselves in and raise their hand that they’re opposed to it? I don’t see that hurting our businesses here.”

Cowsert, R-Athens, said the law would save Georgia money.

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