Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freshman assemblyman jumps into 'full-blown war' with Democrats

COLUMN ONE: Freshman assemblyman jumps into 'full-blown war' with Democrats - latimes.com

Lawmaking, said the GOP assemblyman from San Bernardino, is "full-blown war," and guerrilla tactics are needed to win the battle against California Democrats' agenda. As Donnelly sees it, the liberals who dominate state government have betrayed the public with job-killing regulations and crushing taxes.

"We've got a .50-caliber with crosshairs and ... we're going to pick off two or three of them using this issue," he said.

Donnelly, a married father of five with a degree in English from UC Irvine, rode voter rage and an anti-illegal immigration platform to victory in November. Saying he wanted to "take the people's anger and channel it into action … so that they know somebody's listening," he wasted no time creating legislation to import Arizona's controversial immigration law, block in-state tuition rates for undocumented students at state colleges and fight limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

"I don't believe in global warming," he said.

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