Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dodgers Stadium security: Police to use anti-gang techniques at Dodger Stadium

Dodgers Stadium security: Police to use anti-gang techniques at Dodger Stadium -

Villaraigosa urged the attackers to turn themselves in. "What you did was wrong. It was despicable and senseless, unprovoked. But, make it a little better, by coming forward, by doing what will be looked at in hindsight as doing the civil, right thing when you've done wrong," he said.

bretgs at 3:35 PM April 09, 2011
Take our example Canada, see how the US is being destroyed by the invasion of cochroaches. Once the US is sucked dry and no different than the @**@hole known as Mexico, it will be your turn. If you have social services, the wave of rats will be heading north and before you know it, it will be your turn. Just wait in 20 years, California will be as Mexico is now. There will be ditches with dozens of dead found in them - Mexico wants Calfornia back, and soon it will a wasteland.

Blocker'sBlog at 2:24 PM April 09, 2011
To start, if ushers hear a lout hollering profanity escort him to security, check ID for name and address, photograph him, then give him a choice: detention until the crowd has departed, or an immediate on-line course on proper conduct at the ballpark. He will be allowed to return to his seat once he passes a computerized test and signs a contract agreeing to conduct himself within set parameters. Those commiting or threatening physical violence are immediately arrested and booked on the premises but transported to County for release. Also have a sign warning patrons that gang attire, tattoos, and conduct are grounds to be banished from the premises. It's private property.

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