Friday, April 15, 2011

Danger zone for GOP candidates -- immigration -

Danger zone for GOP candidates -- immigration - Given how toxic the GOP brand is to many Latinos, it's ironic that the first Republican presidential debate will be on Cinco de Mayo. On May 5, a handful of GOP hopefuls are expected to gather in Greenville, South Carolina, for the first Republican presidential debate. One subject that is sure to come up is immigration. In fact, any Republican who runs for president next year can expect to be asked about immigration, early and often. There are three reasons for this: the issue is unresolved since Congress has ducked the subject since 2007; conflict is interesting, and journalists know that Republicans alienate Hispanic voters with their immigration views; and, with the Census confirming the United States is 16% Hispanic -- in large part because of immigration -- changing demographics is on the minds of many Americans.

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