Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 Dying U.S. Industries

10 Dying U.S. Industries: IBISWorld#s259829&title=10_Video_Postproduction#s259829&title=10_Video_Postproduction#s259319&title=1_Apparel_Manufacturing

The recession has caused the failure of some formidable companies, Lehman Brothers and Circuit City among them. Not only individual businesses have suffered, however. The economic woes of the last decade have preyed upon entire industries.

In a new report entitled "Dying Industries," by Toon Von Beeck, research firm IBISWorld identifies 10 U.S. industries that have experienced severe, possibly irreversible drop-offs over the past decade, today remaining stuck in the decline phase of their business cycle.

Click on link to view, list of industries gone, but not forgotten.

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