Monday, March 14, 2011

Thick-headed Arizonians !

'Sunshine Week' will begin under a cloud in Pearce's AZ

The state Senate president, Russell Pearce, is limiting press access to lawmakers before and after working sessions in the Senate chambers. He has also declared that the public is forbidden at any news conference held in a hearing room within the Senate building.

The irony of these recent decisions is not lost, especially next week, which is designated as "Sunshine Week" by the National Society of News Editors. It's the time each year where news organizations focus on access to public information, government transparency and the need to defend press (read: public) freedoms.

By limiting access of the press and the public to elected officials and to how the business of the state is being conducted Pearce and his supporters in this overreach are taking a dangerous step that should draw the attention of every Arizonan.

Ray M. (RMorris666)
Can you blame them? Look at how the creatures acted in WI. I would close the doors to keep the animals out as well! We are behind you Pearce! Keep up the great work! Same for you in WI!! Doing a great job for all America!

T C. (ThomC)
The real danger is the lying press. Why let them in they will only make up stuff that fits with their agenda. They can and do that sitting at their desks. Read the fallen star and you will fall over from their slant.

Jon L. (OVREZ)
So ... let's see ....

It's OK to promote and support chaos, death threats and mob rule as long as it supports the Liberal agenda and provides cannon-fodder for the ADS. Oh yeah, and its fellows among the MSM who assisted whipping those miscreants into a frenzy!

But let one conservative say, "Not in my house!", and suddenly the sky darkens? Please.

One word response - PREPOSTEROUS!

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