Friday, March 11, 2011

Pearce has become dictator of Senate

Pearce has become dictator of Senate

How far must things go before the voters of Arizona see the light? The Republican majority in the Legislature is riding roughshod over anyone and anything that stands in its way. Senate President Russell Pearce has taken on nearly dictatorial power as evidenced most recently by his banning the press from the Senate floor and citizen protesters from the legislative building. Add to that his unprincipled and absurd defense of Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard,and the picture becomes quite clear.

Pearce says and does what he wants because he is confident that the pre-programmed Republi-bots around him will simply fall into line and keep their mouths shut. Only the citizens of Arizona have the power to exert any kind of control on this situation. Pearce will continue to abuse his position in the Senate until the citizens of Arizona tell him he cannot. - Chuck Rinaldi, Mesa

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