Friday, March 11, 2011

Interesting e-mail from townhall

As heard on the Sean Hannity show, Dick Morris is out with his latest book detailing how Americans can defeat Obama and the Democrats in 2012. It thoroughly explains how the States lead the way to Reform and with a subscription to Townhall Magazine, you can read all about it, for FREE!

According to the Common Cents blog, Revolt! describes how newly elected Republican Governors - impelled by their budget crises and empowered with GOP legislators - will accomplish sweeping changes in our politics. Now that the Republicans have taken the House, how can they use their majority to reverse Obama's Socialist agenda?

* Revolt! lays out a game plan for success. Morris and McGann explain how to use the debt limit and budget fights to force Obama to accept Republican policies while, at the same time, undermining his chances of victory in 2012.

* Obamacare? Morris and McGann explain how to block the IRS enforcement of the requirement that everyone buy health insurance and how to stop the Medicare cuts and Rationing.

* Republican Governors will destroy the political base of the Democratic Party by ending automatic dues deductions from paychecks by unions.

* Crippling Talk Radio and Taking Over the Internet? They explain how to prevent the FCC from blocking free speech in America.

* GOP Legislators will strip teachers of tenure, end seniority based pay, enact merit pay, and promote school choice - dramatically eroding the power of the teachers' unions. Collective bargaining reforms will free school boards and principles to run their schools and end union control.

* Cap and Trade? They offer a blueprint for how to cut off the EPA funding to stop it from imposing carbon taxes and regulation.

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