Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Farmworkers wage rate by state

FR Doc 2011-4419


Employment and Training Administration

Labor Certification Process for the Temporary Employment of
Aliens in Agriculture in the United States: 2011 Adverse Effect Wage
Rates, Allowable Charges for Agricultural Workers' Meals, and Maximum
Travel Subsistence Reimbursement

SUMMARY: The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the
Department of Labor (Department) is issuing this Notice to announce:
(1) The 2011 Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWRs) for employers seeking to
employ temporary or seasonal nonimmigrant foreign workers to perform
agricultural labor or services (H-2A workers); (2) the allowable
maximum amount for 2011 that employers may charge their H-2A workers
for providing them with three meals a day; and (3) the maximum travel
subsistence reimbursement which a worker with receipts may claim in

DATES: Effective Date: March 1, 2011.

Click on link to view: Table--2011 Adverse Effect Wage Rates

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