Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A story Arizona doesn't talk about

Gonzales says her daughter began to question why her mother and father were shot when the gunman reloaded his weapon. "I can hear her say 'Please don't shoot me,’” said Gonzales, wiping away tears and sobbing.

The gunman paid no attention to her pleas and fired two shots into Brisenia’s head, causing the girl to fly back on the couch, Gonzales recounted. She said she could hear her daughter struggling to breathe as the intruders began to steal items and leave the home. Gonzalez made her way to a weapon her husband kept in the kitchen and called 9-1-1.

The emergency call recorded the moment that the intruders re-entered the home, realizing that Gonzales was still alive. A series of gunshots can be heard as Gonzales fired the weapon in self-defense. One of the intruders was shot before they all left the home.

Raul Flores and his young daughter, who just minutes before was sleeping peacefully on the couch in her own home, were both dead.

Prosecutors say Shawna Forde, a vigilante anti-illegal immigration activist, was not only the woman described in the home, but was also the ringleader of the home invasion and murder.

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