Saturday, February 12, 2011

Posted By Alaina @ =D

To who it may concern,

I’m very interested in your article about the proposed commemorative license plates in Mississippi for Nathan Bedford Forrest. I appreciate that in posting an article about this issue on your blog, that you found an article from a news source that provides both sides of the issue: some people are opposed to the plates due to Forrest’s ties to the KKK, and some support the plates because of his “military genius.” I also appreciate how you provided a link to the CBS story as well.

Since the article you’ve posted on your site doesn’t have a video to accompany it, I’d like to share one with you from Newsy videos provide news coverage from multiple sources to reduce bias and provide analysis from various sides of an issue. This video discusses the proposed license plates, as well as what some of the critiques and praises of them are. I think it will provide your readers with a visual element that adds graphic interest as well as additional information. I hope you’ll embed this Newsy video to complement your existing post. Thank you for your consideration.

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