Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Montana GOP Lawmaker Wants To Create Official State Militia

In a nod to extremism, Montana state Rep. Wendy Warburton (R) is introducing a bill to bring the militia movement into the mainstream by creating what she dubs “home guards” to provide services in case major emergencies. Reflecting her belief that “Montana needs an armed paramilitary group of volunteers,” Warburton has introduced a bill that would create a militia force “to fill the gap between community service organizations” like a neighborhood watch programs and the National Guard “to provide the state and its local communities with the ability to call upon trained and organized volunteers” when necessary. Not only would the “home guard” be allowed to manage its own identity and its ranks, but the state will pay for the damage it causes

There’s no questioning what Warburton hopes to create. As the Huffington Post’s Nick Wing notes, Warburton originally called these groups “organized militias,” only later amending it to less fraught term “home guards.” And, as the state’s Human Right Network notes, there’s no question who will gravitate to these unregulatedgroups — “anti-government extremists.”

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