Monday, February 14, 2011

Hospital Version Of SB 1070 Proposed

Hospital Version Of SB 1070 Proposed - Immigration News Story - KPHO Phoenix

PHOENIX -- A new bill making its way through Arizona's state legislature is drawing a lot of attention. It's Senate Bill 1405. Some call it the hospital version of SB 1070.

Anyone who has spent a day at Maricopa County Medical Center knows people from all walks of life are wheeled through the halls.

But if a new piece of legislation passes, some of those patients will be wheeled from the emergency room to immigration officials.

If SB 1405 passes, hospitals would be required to check a patient's citizenship status after administering any emergency medical care.

If the person isn't in the United States legally, the law would require they be turned over to immigration officials.

Those in favor of the bill said hospitals shouldn't be treating people in the country illegally.

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