Monday, January 3, 2011

NYC-Did 4 bosses shirk snow duty and buy beer?

Did 4 bosses shirk snow duty and buy beer? NYC officials checking -

Investigators in New York are looking into a report that four sanitation supervisors assigned to clean up after last week's monster blizzard instead bought beer and sat in their car.

"We urge all members of the public, most especially City employees, to call us with any information about this matter or with any provable information about deliberate inaction or wrongdoing relating to the snow storm," said Department of Investigation (DOI) Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn in a statement.

Investigators responded to an article published by the New York Post on Sunday, which alleged that a group of on-duty sanitation supervisors bought beer and sat in their department car for hours Monday night. Citing an unnamed witness, the paper said the four supervisors in Brooklyn later told their bosses they ran out of gas.

The DOI commissioner said a video that reportedly had store surveillance evidence related to the allegation had been "over ridden."

Halloran also said he has seen city reports indicating that 400 sanitation workers called out sick and another 100 said they had the equivalent of an emergency two days after the storm hit last Sunday.

"That's about 10 percent of the work force of 5,600. It's unheard of," he said. Normally, Halloran said, two to four percent of workers call in sick.

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