Wednesday, January 26, 2011

California Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Takes Effect

LOS ANGELES — The brightest bulb in most homes for more than a century is fading toward darkness this year as California turns out the light on the century-old incandescent.

Beginning Jan. 1, the state began phasing out certain energy-sucking bulbs, federal standards the rest of the country will enact next year.

Manufacturers will no longer make the traditional 100-watt bulb and stores will eventually sell out of current supplies. Consumers will have to choose from more efficient bulbs that use no more than 72 watts, including halogen incandescents, compact fluorescents and light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs.

"These standards will help cut our nation's electric bill by over $10 billion a year and will save the equivalent electricity as 30 large power plants," said Noah Horowitz a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. "That translates into a whole lot less global warming pollution being emitted."

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  1. Yes, somewhat ironically, ordinary bright cheap 100W light bulbs are
    the first to go in most jurisdictions, not just California - given that low cost brightness
    is such a problem with both CFLs and LEDs.

    The unpublicised industrial politics behind the EU and US ban, with
    documentation and copies of official communications:

    Why supposed energy savings are not there anyway:
    with US Dept of Energy references = Under 1% overall energy savings
    from energy efficiency regulations on incandescent lights.

    All lights have their advantages, and even if there were energy savings,
    citizens pay for the electricity they use.
    There is no energy or electricity shortage justifying a limitation on what
    citizens can use,
    and if there was a shortage of finite coal/oil/gas, the price rise
    limits the use anyway - without legislation.
    Emissions? Light bulbs don't give out CO2 gas -power plants might.
    For any supposed energy supply/emissions problem - deal with the problem!