Friday, January 28, 2011

Arizona: We like bitting our nose to spite our face !

Talk of Bipartisan Progress Fades in Arizona - Political Memo -

PHOENIX — As the days pass since the Tucson shooting spree, all that talk of bipartisan handholding, toning down the decibel level and working shoulder-to-shoulder for the betterment of the voters is losing some of its edge here as Arizona appears to be slipping back into its old ways.

Outside the Pima County Sheriff’s Department on Friday afternoon, deputies investigating the Jan. 8 shootings will have to pass by demonstrators organized by the Pima County Tea Party Patriots calling for the ouster of Sheriff Clarence Dupnik

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Republicans introduced controversial legislation on Thursday to restrict citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, which Andrei Cherny, the newly elected chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, called “a direct assault on the very idea of America.”

Kyrsten Sinema, a Democratic state senator who opposes both those measures, said she had had better success since the shootings dealing with Republican leaders on procedural matters, like allowing Democrats adequate time to speak out against things they find outrageous. But she said the Tucson tragedy had not caused Republicans to forge a common agenda with Democrats.

“Their opinion is, ‘We don’t really need you guys because we have plenty of votes on our own,’ ” she said.

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