Monday, January 31, 2011

Arizona: Breaking down when we should rebuild

Arizona: Breaking down when we should rebuild - Arizona Daily Wildcat - Perspectives

The reality is that we all lost something on Jan. 8. We lost the lives of our neighbors and we lost our assurance in ourselves. We lost confidence that we were reasonable people living in a reasonable and healthy environment where we could all feel safe and treat each other with respect and kindness. It is in times like these that our seemingly never-ending battle with one another has to stop. If you want to stand up for what you believe in, fine, but getting aggressive is not the answer. Maybe Dupnik spoke out of turn, maybe he was right. Maybe we are just incessantly confrontational, looking for the next big issue to fight. Who knows, but going after him right now is certainly not going to bring us together.

Those of us living in this community have felt the political pressures of S.B. 1070, the elections, budget deficits and this traumatic shooting. Before we reach for our protest signs, we ought to re-evaluate ourselves and how our community got to this boiling point. Having lived here for only a short period of time, I know that Tucson is not truly lost, but, if we insist upon relentless bickering and tremendous efforts to make life in this community more difficult, we will get nowhere. There will be things we disagree on, but when times like this are upon us, we all need to reach out and pull together. The answer can't simply be "not a chance." If we respond like that we will we lose the lesson, toil away and allow ourselves to brand our community as one always needing something to squabble about.

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