Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Year in Shamelessness


For those who traffic in political absurdity, there's never a shortage of material. Regardless of who's in power, our elected officials are forever saying and doing outrageous, offensive and just plain moronic things, and every year brings its quota of hideous behavior. Still, it seems that the hate-spewing hordes of 2010 - with their hysteria about the non-Ground Zero non-mosque, their virulent anti-immigrationism, and their unbridled racism - have presented us with far more than the usual amount of arrogant ignorance, boldfaced bigotry, and brazen hypocrisy, all of it paraded before us with a ridiculous patina of oblivious pride.

I have collected a treasure trove of 2010's political ignominy into an e-book, The Year of Living Shamelessly, which not only catalogues 2010's most egregious moments, but also provides links to video, commentary and other sources that offer a deeper appreciation of the sheer batshit lunacy of it all. It's the perfect last-minute holiday gift, and it's available here for a mere $3.99 (a portion of the proceeds go to support People for the American Way).

Meanwhile, here are a dirty dozen (+2!) of the worst offenders.
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