Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Undocumented California youths vow renewed activism -

Undocumented California youths vow renewed activism -

Devastated by the Senate's failure last week to grant them a path to citizenship, undocumented young people throughout California are vowing renewed activism to win legal immigration status if they attend college or serve in the military.


Computer Forensics Expert at 10:40 AM December 22, 2010

I-9 ALL STUDENTS!!! If they are minor-children, I-9 their parents, as well.
Any school district or university failing to adhere to an I-9 program or failing an audit, receives ZERO DOLLARS in federal funding.
All illegal aliens, will be processed and deported in 30 days, barring judicial action.

degoboy at 10:36 AM December 22, 2010

Close to 3 million or 30 % of LA county's population is receiving public assistance. Anyone care to rebut my assertion that CA, and LA in particular, is being filled up with poor illegal aliens and their anchors

degoboy at 10:35 AM December 22, 2010

The Dems only maintain control in CA by bribing the Hispanic voting block and legislatures in SoCal thru welfare handouts to illegals and by allowing SoCal to become a vast illegal alien infested 3rd world stew. Latino voters and all the other ignorant welfare riffraff /serfs in SoCal will continute to vote for their Dem feudal lords up in Sacto . Mob rule in action.

verbalocity at 10:29 AM December 22, 2010

If someone broke into the LA Times newsroom, had NO journalism credentials or experience and was responsible for writing and publishing news stories, Op-Ed pieces, etc, would you call them an "undocumented" journalist? Probably not. So then the question becomes, why do the pinhead journalists at the struggling Left Angeles Times still refer to illegal immigrants who illegally enter this country as "undocumented"?

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