Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shame on AOL

Suspicious activity has been detected on this account, which may be an indication that it has been compromised. For your protection, we are blocking access to this screen name. Please contact Member Services between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM Eastern Mon – Sat at 1-877-786-0722 or log in with this screen name and password at for more options.

I received this notice I called, and listened.  AOL has detected suspicious activity, so in order to reactivate my account I would need to BUY, an anti ID software from McAfee, for $11.00 a month.  "Do I have to?" I asked, "Yes you do," was his simplistic response.

I quickly grabbed my recorder, and advised this young man I would record the call.  Still not sure why I needed to deal with this.  So I asked, and he answered:

What if I'm not a McAfee fan (which I'm not)......we don't offer options

What was the suspicious activity.......It could be a few things

So if I don't pay, I get no service right ?.......that is correct

Is that the only option I have ?........right now it seems that way ma'am

I reminded him I was recording the call. 

So I'm being held hostage for vulnerabilities in AOL's system.  I'm being forced to pay for an account you offer for free and all this over suspicious activities you can't tell me about.  Hold on ma'am, I'll get a supervisor

Turns out I had options. One of my options was to simply reset my security question and password, which I did (in Portuguese).  I share this story so that together we can send a message, that the 21st century has given us, the average citizen a voice.

Share your stories, let's network !

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