Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Russell Pearce's Son......YIKES !

Russell Pearce's Son Joshua Pearce: Mesa Police Won't File Charges in Child-Abuse Allegation - Phoenix News - Feathered Bastard

State Senate President-elect Russell Pearce's son Joshua Trent Pearce recently was under investigation by the Mesa Police Department for allegations of possible child abuse.

Mesa PD spokesman, Sergeant Ed Wessing, confirmed that police responded to a call December 10 from Banner Desert Medical Center regarding a nine day-old baby girl, the daughter of Joshua Pearce and his wife Samantha.

According to Wessing, hospital staff told police that the child had a skull fracture, and that the parents' explanation of how the fracture may have occurred did not jibe with the severity of the injury.

The Mesa PD opened an inquiry into the matter. The child since has been released from the hospital, and her prognosis for a full recovery "is positive" according to Wessing.

Late yesterday, Wessing said the child had been in Joshua Pearce's care at the time, and that Mesa cops had spoken with both Josh and his wife about the incident.

Today, Wessing informed me that no charges would be forthcoming.

"The Mesa Police Department will not be submitting criminal charges in this case," Wessing told me via e-mail. "At this time we do not have sufficient probable cause to charge Mr. Pearce in this case."

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