Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GOP Wants Constitution Read on House Floor : Roll Call

GOP Wants Constitution Read on House Floor : Roll Call

The rules package, which must be adopted by the full House on Jan. 5, includes many of the proposals outlined this fall in the Republicans’ "Pledge to America" governing document. Both Republican and Democratic Members will have the opportunity to amend the proposed changes.

Among the House changes are a requirement that all bills be available online at least 72 hours before they are voted on, that the entire Constitution be read on the House floor on Jan. 6 and that committee chairmen be limited to six years of service.

The Republican Conference imposes term limits for its gavel holders, but GOP leaders want to extend those limits to the full House. Democratic Caucus rules do not limit the terms of their chairmen.

Republicans pledged to change the way the House operates if given the majority. The GOP had a net gain of 63 seats in the midterm elections and retook control of the chamber

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