Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brewer's Priorities

Gov. Jan Brewer: No funds for transplants

Gov. Jan Brewer's office on Friday released a list showing where she has committed $185 million in federal stimulus funds - dollars Democrats say should go, in part, to cover transplant operations.

The list lacks detail beyond general categories, such as $18 million for children's services or $10 million for border security and enhancement. But according to Brewer spokesman Paul Senseman, there's no wiggle room and all the money has been spoken for

Included in the spending:
- $50 million to backfill cuts made to the state prisons budget.
- $18 million to make up for cuts to children's services in the Department of Economic Security budget.
- $2 million to cover the state's commitment to Teach for America.
- $12 million for the deal-closing fund.
- $10 million for 140 public-safety projects by local governments.

"It's all been promised and spoken for," Senseman said. "Local public-safety officials have made their budgets based on these commitments."

Or, many of them have probably spent money from their own treasuries, banking on the stimulus dollars to reimburse them, he said.

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