Friday, December 10, 2010

Arizona Democratic Party: Outrage over 'Brewercare' goes national

Arizona Democratic Party: Outrage over 'Brewercare' goes national

PHOENIX -- Jan Brewer and the Republican-led Legislature's decision to cut life-saving coverage for transplant patients is drawing scrutiny not only in Arizona but across the nation. And rightfully so. Time is of the essence for these patients, but Brewer has dismissed their transplants as "optional care" and has done nothing to right this wrong.

Some highlights of the increasing national coverage:

New York Times Dec. 2: Brewercare featured in a Times news story: Excerpt: Many doctors say the decision amounts to a death sentence for some low-income patients, who have little chance of survival without transplants and lack the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to pay for them.

Dec. 3: Columnist Gail Baker wrote an op-ed about Brewercare: Excerpt: ... Try to imagine what the Republicans would have said if someone in the Obama administration proposed cutting off liver transplants for Medicare recipients.

Dec. 4: Brewercare featured in a follow-up Times news analysis: Excerpt: ... No other state in recent memory has made such a numbers-driven calculation pitting the potential loss of life against modest savings.

MSNBC Dec. 3: Countdown interviewed Tiffany Tate, an Arizonan who needs a lung transplant. Watch.

Nov. 30: Countdown interviewed Democratic state Rep. Anna Tovar, a transplant recipient herself. Watch.

Nov. 19: Countdown interviewed the Felix and Shepherd families, both affected by the transplant cuts. Watch.

Other coverage CBS News:"Organ Transplants Denied in Arizona after Medicaid Agency's Budget Cut"

Slate: "Cutting Human Lives - What should we make of Arizona's new law for rationing organ transplants?"

UPI: "Arizona Budget Cuts Hit Patients"

Yahoo News: "Arizona's 'Brewercare' Budget Cuts of Lifesaving Organ Transplants Criticized"

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