Monday, November 8, 2010

Sheriff Joe Arpaio still relevant in state (he says)

(mock photo)

In his home state, however, Arpaio is no longer a needy politician's only go-to member of law enforcement.
Beginning with Sen. John McCain and trickling down to other elected officials, it seems as if stodgy old Republicans in Arizona are slowly divorcing themselves from Arpaio and marrying their futures to a "trophy sheriff" in Pinal County's younger, better looking Paul Babeu.

Arpaio isn't buying it.

He has an enormous campaign war chest for his 2012 campaign and he plans to keep immigration enforcement on the front burner in Arizona, thanks in part to new Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (Arpaio endorsed) and new state Senate President - and de facto governor - Russell Pearce (also Arpaio endorsed).


stacyp: Arpaio is a has-been. The new sheriff with a star that shines more is Paul Babeu - Move over Apaio.. Paul Babeu is younger, more charismatic and can put a decent sentence together, at least better than your rambling. Heck, he's even a bigger media hog.

John5302: Interesting that both Arpaio and Babeau hail from Massachusetts. Obviously, their neo-Nazi style didn't go over well there, so they moved to a state where they fit in just fine with Uberfuhrer Pearce.

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