Sunday, November 7, 2010

Republicans Vow Push to Undo Health Care Reform

Republicans Vow Push to Undo Health Care Reform

Republican leaders acknowledged Sunday that an outright repeal of the health care reform law -- something they told voters during the campaign they would try to do -- was not within their power while President Barack Obama is in office, but they vowed to pursue a strategy of taking it apart piece-by-piece.

"If that fails, then we're willing to look at all of the various pieces of this as they become effective and how we might impact trying to carry out our commitment to the American people to keep this awful 2,700-page monstrosity that took over one-sixth of our economy from going into effect," McConnell said.

"What we're doing in my office is looking for the various parts of it that are subject to funding. And we will be revisiting this issue time after time. The American people expect us to."

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