Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inglewood, California: Mayor's race 2010

Candidate Votes Percent

DANIEL K TABOR  8,411... 43.57

JAMES T BUTTS JR  6,049... 31.33

JUDY DUNLAP  2,947.... 15.27

JOSEPH SOTO  1,550... 8.03

MIKE STEVENS  348... 1.8

This info hasn't been updated....Typical treasure hunt to find an update via the city website.  But you haven't missed much, the throne remains among the same group of people calling the shot in our city.
The difference this time...Joe Soto.  Who motivated our Hispanic residents to register and become voters.  For this great feat, I thank you Mr Soto.  You were a refreshing thought and motivating factor in stimulating curiosity, anger and solidarity among an excluded group of tax paying residents, (except for the offensive last minuet brain fart, the city had, to include a clip of it's Hispanic residents, on it's website).

Mr Soto, you may have lost this election, but you accomplished, sending a message.  That Inglewood's Hispanic community, will no longer remain quiet, and commit to share in it's efforts, to prosper as a diverse and united city.

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