Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Illegal immigration; Latinos; GOP policy; The wrong way to deal with illegal immigration - latimes.com

Illegal immigration; Latinos; GOP policy; The wrong way to deal with illegal immigration - latimes.com

When Republicans assume control of the House in January, Rep. Steve King (R- Iowa) will become chairman of the subcommittee on immigration. His first order of business, he says, will be to pass legislation denying "birthright citizenship" to the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants. "I think we will have the votes in the House to put an end to the anchor babies in this country," he told the website Newsmax.com.

Can the GOP win without Latinos? In presidential races, yes, electoral experts say. And in some statewide races it can survive with a small share of the Latino vote as well.But the Latino share of the vote will continue to grow. The resurgent GOP stands at a fork in the road: It can attempt to turn anti-immigrant rhetoric into public policy, as Rep. King seems determined to do, or its leadership can quash such talk and remain a contender for more than just token Latino votes.


lgonzalez714 at 11:30 PM November 15, 2010
Its nice of the Times to offer up this friendly advice. But the truth is regardless of how helpfull it is it's destined to land on deaf ears. I mean were talking about a party that thinks (or at least many of it's members and elected offocials) the president is a muslim who was born outside of the US. They thrive on petty exclusion, are devoid of any charismatic leadership (save your breath i don't care what you say they are), and are unfriendly to anything that doesen't resemble the good ol' days. Now that the worst economic crisis occured on your watch, you can't claim the high ground on economic issues, you won't win the presidency and this "latino" would never cast a vote for your small narrow party.

Hostile Knowledge at 3:31 PM November 15, 2010
The 14th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified in 1868 and was specifically designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of newly emancipated slaves.
It was NOT created to provide illegal alien’s babies born here with automatic citizenship. When the current malodorous misuse of the 14th Amendment finally goes before the Supreme Court it will be dealt a righteous death blow.

chatmandu002 at 10:23 AM November 15, 2010
Please pass the law that would not grant citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants. Then we can take it to the Supreme Court and get a definition of what the 14th amendment really says. There was nothing "enshrined" about anchor babies into the 14th Amendment.

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