Monday, November 8, 2010

Arizona: It's best not to underestimate the governor

It's best not to underestimate the governor

As if in answer to Democratic dreams, Sen. Russell Pearce conducted a tutorial on Arizona's political hierarchy immediately following the Republican blowout on Tuesday.

Guess who the author of Senate Bill 1070 has plopped atop the state's pyramid? Why, yes. Himself.

Pearce declared to a Channel 3 (KTVK) reporter on Election Night that Gov. Jan Brewer is indebted to him for her victory in the governor's race: "I think, out of fairness, the governor would have to admit that if it wasn't for 1070, she wouldn't be elected.

Crass and impolitic? Oh, most certainly. But the fact remains that Pearce is still in the power-gathering stage of his political evolution, and he is characteristically bold about asserting his influence, even as it applies to a governor of his own party who just bested her Democratic opponent by double digits.

On Wednesday, Pearce's Republican compatriots elected him Senate president, placing him in charge of a powerful supermajority of 21 GOP senators.

Pearce now enjoys a national pedestal to attack illegal immigration on a variety of fronts, a pedestal that easily transcends his duties as an Arizona lawmaker.

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