Friday, October 8, 2010

Rizzo may seek more money -

Rizzo may seek more money -

Robert Rizzo might be due back pay from the city of Bell after officials reneged on an agreement to provide the longtime city administrator with severance payments and other benefits when he resigned earlier this summer, his attorney claimed Thursday.

Attorney James Spertus said the city is violating state labor laws by not paying Rizzo's salary and should begin new negotiations over his departure.

The resignations came after The Times revealed the huge salaries that Rizzo and other top city officials were receiving. Rizzo was set to earn more than $1.5 million in compensation this year, making him one of the highest paid officials in the nation.

Since he resigned, Rizzo has also requested that the city pay his legal bills.

Under his most recent contract, the city may terminate Rizzo's employment only by mutual agreement, death or retirement, or as a result of a felony conviction or for a crime involving moral turpitude.

If the city was not renewing Rizzo's employment, the contract required officials to give him 90 days' notice before Aug. 1 of any year. Because of the automatic renewals, Rizzo — at any time — would be owed at least two years' pay. He would also be entitled to receive all accrued and unused sick and vacation leave. If Rizzo decided to leave, he would be required to give the city 180 days' notice, the contract said.

"It's beyond my wildest imagination that Rizzo could even think he should be paid one more penny of the residents' hard-earned money when he has bankrupted the city, families and the democratic process," said Christina Garcia, a leader of the community activist group BASTA.

Greedy bastard !

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