Monday, October 4, 2010

Lukewarm Los Angeles Times endorses Jerry Brown | Reuters

Lukewarm Los Angeles Times endorses Jerry Brown Reuters

The newspaper is backing Democratic candidate Jerry Brown over his Republican opponent, Meg Whitman, in the November 2 election. But the Times writes that both candidates "fall well short of our current needs."

"We will have to wait for the governor with the talent and courage to shake the state loose from the structural dead-ends into which voters continue to push it," the Times writes.
Brown, the Times argues, has a "nonlinear, unscripted style (that) sometimes leaves his listeners wondering what exactly they're going to get." He also "jumps far too quickly at the chance to echo populist sentiment," the Times writes.

Brown is "not the ideal candidate for California, but what he does bring is the reality-based, seen-it-all-before wisdom of a political veteran."

Whitman, on the other hand, offers "disappointing and empty policy approaches and her assertion that having no experience in government is the best experience" and is "a stranger to the political and governmental landscape."

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