Saturday, October 2, 2010

A jumbled view of illegal immigrants -

A jumbled view of illegal immigrants -

With the tears of a housekeeper who claimed she was wronged by a candidate for governor, the issue of illegal immigration came roaring back into California's political landscape this week, like a blast of uncomfortable deja vu.

Did Whitman do the right thing, or not, when she fired her housekeeper after being told the woman was an undocumented worker? Did she do the wrong thing, or not, by declining to alert immigration authorities? Legalities aside, did she have some sort of moral responsibility to help out a woman whom Whitman herself described as a member of her extended family, or was it appropriate to banish the woman with no further contact after firing her?

The answers may affect Whitman's campaign for governor, but more broadly the whole emotional, televised, confusing mess was a perfect metaphor for the jumbled and contradictory views that Californians hold on illegal immigration.

Melvin Painter at 8:29 AM October 02, 2010
If the illegal alien was paid $23.00/hour, let's see if she filed any taxes, signed up for social programs, and how she got a driver's license.

They don't come here to become Americans, they come here to make money anyway they can which includes crime, drugs, and social programs. We now have a whole society of gang members, pregnant teens, prison inmates, failing students, social program frauds and abusers, identity thieves, drunks, drunk drivers, drug addicts, the obese, and those who can't and won't speak English.

jagman69 at 8:25 AM October 2, 2010
Head patting libs and their SUVs and their idiotic politically correct attitudes mean one thing: they've got illegal immigrants at their homes - as gardeners, nannies, cooks, cleaning people. No green cards, no taxes, no SS. That's the American way created by Whitey men for cheap labor. America is a stink hole of hypocrisy. Whitman hired a maid and didn't resister her or whatever. Who cares? The USA is about laws to be broken - cheating on your taxes, cutting in lines, screaming, yelling - being screwed by "public" utilities, overpaying. We live in a country that totally sucks. Who cares if you hire cheap labor. That's what its all about...

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