Saturday, October 16, 2010

Casting a vote for chaos -

Casting a vote for chaos -

An analysis of voting in Bell and neighboring cities in southeast L.A. County with a largely Latino population reveals a pattern of turbulent elections, low voter turnout and charges of corruption.

The pattern is a familiar one in the small, scandal-plagued cities of southeast Los Angeles County. Whether in Montebello, Bell, Lynwood or almost any of their heavily immigrant, mostly Latino neighboring cities, elections are frequent, intensely fought and decided by tiny fractions of the population. The combination, experts say, contributes to chronic political unrest and opens the way to repeated incidents of corruption.

Fight Corruption at 4:57 PM October 16, 2010
That's why the neighboring city of Maywood is so screwed up. The lazy stupid citizens don't care about their taxes and let these corrupt officials dictate their way of life. Corruption in the southeast area is mostly a cause of the ignorant citizens that occupy the cites like Maywood.

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