Monday, October 25, 2010

Afghan president got cash from Iran -

Afghan president got cash from Iran -

Karzai told CNN on Monday that the United States is and has been aware of Iran's financial contributions.

He also said that the United States gives bags of money.

"The United States is doing the same thing," he said. "They are providing cash to some of our offices."
The president said Iran "asked for good relations in return and for lots of other things in return."

"The cash payments are done by various friendly countries to help the president's office and to help dispense assistance in various ways to the employees around here, to people outside, and this is transparent and this is something that I have discussed," Karzai said.

"Even when we were at Camp David [Maryland] with President [George W.] Bush, this is nothing hidden."
"We are grateful to Iran for the help that they are giving and to those receiving that help under my instruction," he said.

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