Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Number of Hispanic-owned businesses is up - Number of Hispanic-owned businesses is up

PHOENIX - What you might believe about the Latino community might not reflect reality.
Despite tough times, the number of Hispanic-owned businesses was up 44 percent to $2.3 million in a Census Bureau report.

The number doubled to well-over 52,000 between 2002 to 2007. Annual sales for Arizona Hispanic businesses were up nearly 90 percent to over $8 billion.

"Our business community is growing - even in a recession - is that there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit within the Latino community and a strong work ethic," says James Garcia with Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Robert S
are paying taxes on the money they collect from sales taxes. Are these the same people that came to this country thru the back door without papers.

More power to them. It is the illegal alien invader cockroaches that need to go!!!! And go they will.

to find out how many of these businesses received government (our money) funding to start these due to their ethnicity

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