Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm lovin' it: McDonald's hiring for 800 part-time jobs | Phoenix News | Arizona News | | Phoenix News

I'm lovin' it: McDonald's hiring for 800 part-time jobs Phoenix News Arizona News Phoenix News

"We're hiring part-time, but really, we're looking for the future leaders of McDonald's," explained Travis Heriaud, who owns and operates 15 McDonald's locations throughout the Valley. "Thirty percent of our owner/operators started off as crew. Fifty percent of our McDonald's executives started off as crew. Seventy percent of our managers in our stores started off as crew. Really, it's an opportunity to find out who the future of McDonald's is. ... There are some serious opportunities out there and you can make a career out of it."

Check out the comments. And you wonder why, they hire immigrants to fill these spots.

COMMENTS:sassybrassy said
McDonald's has full fledged spanish commercials on channel fifty one. Why? If a Mexican is living in the US and can't decifer a burger from a taco without translation too bad. I don't get it. They are kissing the Illegals Issues A** by putting these commercials on English channels. Let the MExicans eat their cra* sucking food too. AMERICANS, Boycott the friggin dump. Worldwide but born here. F" em!! Then they won't need to hire anyone and Obama can't get his abacus back out.

djpheonyx said
Well, more jobs for high school kids and illegal immigrants... they won't hire people who truly NEED the jobs. I have applied for a job at McDonald's and was turned down for being "overqualified" (yes, they actually said that). Before I applied for that job I had worked in factories, worked other retail outlets and grocery stores... yet I was "overqualified" to flip burgers. If you want a call center job, you'd better be willing to move to India. Forget about getting an IT job in the US; the big companies bring in unqualified people from India (note about people from India... they will tell you ANYTHING if it pleases you, up to and including lying about qualifications) on b1 and b2 work visas and paying them anywhere from 25-40% of what they would have to pay an American worker... oh, and they do not have to pay federal income taxes for these visa workers. Big business caused most of the recession and made profit on it. Most businesses are conservative-run; See the correlation?

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