Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce Discusses Illegal Immigration, SB 1070, And Elections (Interview)

MESA, Arizona — On Tuesday, Aug. 24, The Latin America News Dispatch sat down with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce to discuss the controversial immigration law, SB1070, of which he was the lead author.

Some of the arguments Calderón made in Congress — the U.S. being the largest market in the world for drugs, the drug war in Mexico being fought with American guns — were in regards to the U.S.’s role in Mexico’s challenges. How do you respond to these claims?
It’s just like saying because I have a car in my driveway I play a role in autotheft; it’s stupid. Control his crime problem? Yeah, he’s got a crime problem down there — but he’s exporting it. He’s exporting it and we’re importing it. Most the guns don’t come from America; most of them are illegal guns, and have been. These myths have to stop. They have a problem down there; he can’t blame other countries as they even export their problems to America.

What is your perspective on the broader relationship between the U.S. and Mexico?
We embrace immigration. What we don’t support is law breaking. When I go to Mexico, I follow their rules and their laws, and they have a right to expect that. I expect the same in return. They have not been our friend, they are a corrupt nation, about to be destroyed by the cartels and the lawlessness down there. 22,000 homicides in the last three years along that border, 3 to 500 beheadings … They have produced and handed out pamphlets on how to break into America and get free stuff. They have no respect for our laws. That’s not a good neighbor. That’s why you have fences between neighbors.

One of the main criticisms, both politically and legally, is that by enforcing laws similar to 1070, you inevitably are participating in racial profiling — which of course you knew was coming. As a primary author of the bill, how would you answer that accusation?
Of course, you know, I don’t expect some of these folks to have a high IQ or pay attention to reality. They have an agenda, that agenda is the name-call and the fear mongering because they know the public’s on our side. They know the public is sick and tired of ignoring the laws that are broken in this land. We’re a nation of laws. That’s what a republic is about.

SOURCE:Latin American News Dispatch

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