Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A useful comment from Regal25

Reg825 has left a new comment on your post "Arizona's SB 1070 is racist to the core New, Nex...":

If it talks like a Nazi, acts like a Nazi, and in fact calls itself “Nazi”, are we then safe to assume that it IS “Nazi”?

When you hear about the horrible acts that are being committed in the name of “immigration enforcement”, it is hard to not compare what Arizona is doing to Nazi and/or white supremacist ideology. When you hear about how actual neo-Nazis are literally out hunting down immigrants, it’s hard not to call it “Nazi”. When you hear about how white supremacist nationalists are behind the legal defense fund in support of SB 1070, it’s hard not to call it “Nazi.” When you see cases where racial profiling has led to such barbaric acts such as the time when a pregnant woman was forced to give birth cuffed by the wrists and ankles, it’s hard not to use the word “Nazi” … and again, when you find out that SB 1070 was written by and introduced to the Arizona legislature by people that are proud to identify themselves as “Nazis”, it’s hard not to use the word “Nazi”.

More on this here:

I get a lot of hate mail, suggesting I relocate to Mexico. Sometimes I get a friendly Letter
Thanks Regal 25

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