Tuesday, August 3, 2010

McConnell Open to 14th-Amendment Review - The Daily Beast

McConnell Open to 14th-Amendment Review - The Daily Beast

Could this soon be part of the Republican platform? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has joined other members of his caucus in calling for Congress “to take a look at” reviewing the 14th amendment so that children of illegal immigrants born in the United States are not automatically given citizenship. “I haven’t made a final decision about it, but that’s something that we clearly need to look at,” he said. “Regardless of how you feel about the various aspects of immigration reform, I don’t think anybody thinks that’s something they’re comfortable with.” Jon Kyl and Lindsey Graham have called for changing the amendment in the Senate, while in the House Republican congressmen have drafted legislation that would deny citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.


**Fingers and toes crossed** Oh please, oh please let it become part of the Republican platform...THAT would be awesome.

Vel/Pluto I guess you're local hospitals doesn't have Maria buses dropping off full bus loads of pregnant Mexicans at the emergency room. Too bad. You'd love you're taxes paying for these instead of putting the money into classrooms. Besides, you're clueless to all the support this change would carry from at least 70% of America and probably 100% of the legal immigrants that waited in line

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