Monday, August 23, 2010

Elderly and disabled immigrants may lose financial aid -

Elderly and disabled immigrants may lose financial aid -

Some of the poorest elderly and disabled people admitted to this country on humanitarian grounds will lose their cash assistance in October unless they have naturalization applications pending, federal officials say.

Letters have been sent to 3,800 recipients of Supplemental Security Income, including some in California, warning them that their eligibility for the federal program could end Sept. 30, said Lowell Kepke, a spokesman for the Social Security

The refugees, asylees and other humanitarian immigrants are admitted to the U.S. because they have been victims of war, persecution or other disasters in their home countries.

Ali, who lives alone in San Diego, was granted asylum from Ethiopia in 2001 and applied for a green card the next year. He waited six years to get it and can't apply for citizenship until 2011. Two weeks ago, he received a letter warning him that his only income, $845 a month in cash assistance, would soon be cut off.

"When I lose it, I don't know what will happen," said Ali, who asked that his full name not be published, because he feared it would endanger family members in Ethiopia. "I am 79 years old, so I can't work."


My grandma was from Vietnam 20 years ago, she was born in 1920, now she is 90 years old, laying bed hopelessly. She can't walk, talk, or perform other functions that normal people would easily do. I hope she would die sooner but she keeps living that way. Now you people tell us we need her to pass US citizenship exam? Oh, come on.......please give us a break.

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