Friday, August 6, 2010 blogs - Linda Valdez - Valdez - SB 1070's ugly harvest blogs - Linda Valdez - Valdez - SB 1070's ugly harvest

In case you have been asleep, what’s changed is the arrival of SB 1070 on the world stage – and all the ugly, breathless rhetoric that surrounds it.

Along with it came neo-Nazis on patrol along the border. A White supremacy group donating money to the state’s defense of 1070 fund. And promises of more punitive anti-immigrant measures to come in the next legislative session.

Community, political and religious leaders who know this is wrong should be speaking up daily. Loudly. They should be challenging those who are using illegal immigration as a grand wedge to try and win elections. They should be yelling that this house is on fire.

But the silence is profound and prolonged.

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