Saturday, July 24, 2010

Will illegal immigrants' D.C. site-in work? | act, dream, people - Home - The Orange County Register

Will illegal immigrants' D.C. site-in work? act, dream, people - Home - The Orange County Register

Republican opponents of the DREAM Act say the law is the law and Congress cannot condone illegal behavior by giving these students a pass.

Beyond that, says Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, these illegal immigrant students could well have taken the place of American citizens who wanted to go to the colleges they went to.

"Whether their parents brought them or not they are criminal aliens,'' said Rohrabacher, R-Costa Mesa. "This whole irrational compassion for people who are here illegally is hurting our own people and it's causing other people in other countries who want to come here illegally to do so.''


why does the OC register waste space on undocumented issues...they have no issues nor rights here in this end of story.

Illegal "CRIMINAL" immigrants are the main reason for the downfall of the US Ecomony. Illigal Aliens are the ones who raise hospital bills, car insurance, and they casue accidents and traffic on the freeways. illegal Aliens are a burden on the American Society and they must be dealt with and removed / deported from this counrty immediatly. It's like having a Roach infestation!

Just plain and simple get out of our country if you're not a legal citizen of the United States, NOW!!! I have no pity on these people who have taken advantage of our dumbass govertment in the past. My tax dollars are not for their gain. California need to look real hard at this and make changes. They need to quit letting the illegals run all over them. There are illegals who probably have it better than some legal citizens and why???? You liberals that allow this are F**kin fools! I agree with what the state Arizona has done. They are taking back their state and we all should. Please don't bring up this S**T about how this country was built on illegals either!

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