Monday, July 19, 2010

McEntee: Utah’s embarrassment over immigration list could lead to reform

Whoever compiled and distributed that list of 1,300 names of purported “illegal aliens” in Utah didn’t keep in mind the law of unintended consequences.
Maybe they thought state and federal officials would heed their demand to, as their April letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement put it, “take immediate and forceful action” to deport everyone on it — men, women, children and babes in arms.
And somehow, they thought that using “legal Mexican nationals” to insinuate themselves among the suspected would be applauded by all.
"Nearly 2,800 votes have been cast so far. 61% say the act was patriotic and the "whistleblower" should not be punished. 37% say the act was illegal and the responsible party should be jailed or fined. Just over 2% have no opinion." ..antisalt says
dcb says:
You can't prosecute 2 people for turning in 1300 possible violations of immigration law. If one side walks, both walk. Contact the governors office, state reps and senators, and Federal congressmen. Tell them either enforce the law against both sides, or not at all
ouisc says:
Yes, let's reform immigration! Here's an idea. Let's start enforcing our immigration laws! They didn't invest years developing these laws for nothing! Legal residents are the only law-breakers who are paying for their crimes!
These are mild comments, compared to all the ones I've read...Hate is gone amuck

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