Monday, July 12, 2010

An Immigration Lawyer & Negotiator Comments on SB 1070 – The Enemy Within

An Immigration Lawyer & Negotiator Comments on SB 1070 – The Enemy Within

This great country of ours, as young as it is, has had many great burdens to bear. The recent years have been especially tough on the country and its citizens, who are disliked in many parts of the world before they open their mouths, simply for being American. Well, in my humble opinion, this country of ours, that is making such an effort to be a melting pot of the world has just been dealt the biggest blow imaginable, and it was Arizona, "the enemy within", so to speak. People who don't understand English across the globe only get the gist of what went on in Arizona. As someone well traveled, let me assure you that the misunderstandings that have rippled globally have done irreparable damage to the integrity of what America stands for and once again, we are feared and disliked, rather than loved and respected, which we should be. As a country, we are embarking on one of the toughest global challenges we could take on- integration of global populations. We have no one's shoulders to stand on, we are learning as we go along and doing our best. This should be respected because even as an immigration lawyer who is in private practice and not working for the federal government, I understand how large and multi-faceted the challenge is. Short of war, I cannot imagine something more layered and complex to resolve than immigration policy.

Steven Riznyk

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