Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of Arizona's immigration law - latimes.com

Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of Arizona's immigration law - latimes.com

At the corner of 43rd and Thomas, it's hard to determine how much of the neighborhood's woes stem from Arizona's immigration laws and how much from the state's economy, battered by a once red-hot housing marked that cooled.Katchi's revenue was already sagging before April 23, when Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law. Since then, sales have plummeted.In adopting the legislation the state embarked on a grand experiment — trying to drive out hundreds of thousands of its residents by what the law calls "attrition through enforcement."

When immigrants leave, Gans said, "stores experience dramatic drops in sales. Apartment owners who rent to immigrants have high vacancy rates and risk losing their buildings. Legal workers or renters or consumers don't generally step in quickly enough to prevent these businesses from experiencing real additional hardship."At 43rd and Thomas, such short-term economic perils are no abstraction."If people don't come here, I don't make money and I don't pay taxes," Katchi said.


LOL. The only people "Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law" is illegal aliens. The law is working already. Let's adopt it in California.

Viva 29 de julio!

Thor the Hammer:
Running Like Rats whenyou turn on the light! NOw all we have toi do is fix the 14th amendment so they cannot have anchor babies and we won't need a fence. Cheap solution to a vexing problem

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