Saturday, July 17, 2010

El Pequeño Mundo de Univision Y sus Primadonas

Spanglish Today is Having a community organized Immigration and Estate Planning forum, sponsored by volunteers tiered of all the Hispanic bashing. My bright idea was to reach out to our Hispanic media, known as Univision's chatterbox, "El Show del Piolin." In spite of not being a fan of this useless mouth piece who's contribution is to maintain our Hispanic Community living in complete ignorance and exploitation, I decided to give it a wack anyway.

I walked in to a third world mentality of Pretty little girls, prancing around thinking their shit
didn't stink and an attitude to match. I bit my tongue and waited until they were ready to find out what I wanted. In spite of having an appointment, I waited for almost three hours, keeping myself amused by the silliness of all those living in this little world.

Finally Mr Piolin walks in, so I began my appeal for air space, to notify those that would benefit from this FREE forum, only to find out that his time was to valuable and selective to participate,
and that he only dealt with non profit organizations. I then explained that Spanglish Today was only trying to share some of it's resources and wasn't interested in becoming one of the many (over a thousand) non-profit organizations, to busy chasing the money/fame. However, this was not good enough for this primadonna, so I thank him for letting me wait and for his valuable time. Por eso estamos, como estamos.

My point in sharing this story is to point out, that as an activist paying my own way, we are as Hispanics in such sad shape, because of our failure to unite, network and the ease we lose touch with where we came from. Am I pissed, YES, am I wrong, maybe. But I'm working on my own dime, trying to make a difference.

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