Monday, July 26, 2010

Arizona immigration law: SB 1070 tints neighborhood dispute -

Arizona immigration law: SB 1070 tints neighborhood dispute -

The 44-year-old U.S. citizen was watering chile plants in his front yard when a neighbor confronted him and shot him to death, according to police documents.Varela's brother, Antonio, told police that the neighbor, Gary Kelley, who is white, called Juan Varela by an ethnic slur and said he had to "go back to Mexico" now that Gov. Jan Brewer had signed SB 1070. The family campaigned to publicize the death, culminating with the county prosecutor's decision last month to add a hate-crime allegation to the second-degree murder charges filed against Kelley.

But Kelley's Latino tenant and neighbors say he displayed no racial animus and had criticized the new law as unfair. Most immigrant rights activists have shied away from the case, skeptical that the killing was racially motivated.

COMMENTS:The true story in this, are the comments.

Mexican is a nationality not a race. Telling someone to go home can hardly be called a hate crime. I call it common sense.
Now all you illegal aliens leave and take your welfare kids with you. We are broke and cannot afford to support you anymore.

He was an anchor baby. If the parents hadn't sneaked into my country this wouldn't hav happened.

Mark B:
Are you sure this story is true or not hyped by yhe media? First off two Mexicans making a complete sentence is a first. Second Im sure some crybaby lib heard this story and thoght they could make a case on it.

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