Thursday, July 22, 2010

Arizona immigration law faces federal challenge Thursday -

Arizona immigration law faces federal challenge Thursday -

(CNN) -- The Obama administration's challenge to the controversial Arizona immigration law goes before a federal judge Thursday.

The Justice Department's lawsuit, seeking to stop the law from going into effect, is one of two challenges scheduled for a hearing Thursday.


Sad that a lady from Arizona has more balls than our punk @$$ president does!

Most people are sick of the cultural decline wherever illegal Mexican aliens live. Unkempt houses, pushing shopping carts through neighborhoods, crime, drugs, gangs, disdain to authority...I could go on and on.

To our self serving government and Obama. If you would read these posts you would clearly understand that almost all of the legal United States is against giving any kind of amnesty to an illegal alien invader. How about enforce our existing illegal immigration laws now and help Jan Brewer and the g... more

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